Authentic Sales

Discover the secret to keeping your customers for life! Be on your mark! Get set! Get fast results with Authentic Sales workshop.

Peter Drucker said ‘Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision’.

Would you like to transform your sales force into a highly Authentic Salesmotivated and top performing team?

Sales persons are constantly facing challenges persuading and effectively closing sales to more knowledgeable and price conscious customers who are also spoilt with abundant choices.

Authentic Sales will equip you with powerful sales techniques that you could implement on the first day you return to work after completing the program. Authentic Sales shows you the practical steps to tune into the customers’ needs and overall situation so your sales efforts would be successful and consistent. Upon completion of the program, sales persons would be increasingly motivated and charged with renewed spirit of selling.

Without a connection, there is hardly a sale. Authentic Sales addresses the challenges of managing relationships with customers and offers practical tips and ideas on how to form successful partnerships with customers.

The program highlights the sales pitfalls that you should avoid when delivering a sales presentation, handling objections and negotiating with customers. You will learn how to better manage sensitive situations and acquire advanced skills in removing resistance, negotiating, closing and eventually establishing rapport with customers.

You will learn how to develop value positioning statements around accurately perceived customer problems and needs and not just around your products and services.

Topics covered include:

  • The Spirit of Selling
  • Discover the Art & Science of Effective Sales
  • Applying Motivation to Sales
  • Develop Value Positioning Statements
  • Develop Power Partnerships
  • Digital Marketing In a New Era
  • Lead Generation

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