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About us

Do you want greater success and satisfaction in your life?

Do you want the work life balance and success you have seen people enjoying and still be in the steering wheel of what is happening in your business and at work even when you are not there?

If your answer is yes then you are in the right place. Here in Authentic Success, it is possible to accomplish your business results and professional goals with time and cost efficiency.


Principal consultant and owner of Ethos Connect, Sim Ling Ling, is a qualified management consultant and corporate trainer for business owners, leaders, managers, executives and team members. Since 1998, she has helped individuals from MNCs, government and corporate sectors develop their abilities and skills, rediscover their potentials and motivations and achieve greater success for themselves and the organizations they serve.

She has a keen understanding of the current issues faced by business owners and working professionals gathered from years of working experience in the corporate environment and is strongly motivated by her own core beliefs and values to give unparalleled value, integrity and quality work to her clients.

Backed by professional qualifications in management consultancy from the International Council of Management Consultants Institute (ICMCI) a qualification that is recognized in US, UK and 42 member countries in the world, she is committed and passionate about delivering results for her clients.

The core success factors of our services are in quality focused performance and hands-on application of actual operating expertise and knowledge to help business owners and professionals achieve the desired results and solve their business concerns with visible success.

Our services will be completely tailored to your requirements and entirely specific to your organization’s needs and expectations.


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