Case study – Retail & Durable Products Manufacturing

Connecting for Success!

One of Malaysia’s largest integrated tiles manufacturer listed on the Main Board of Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange and operating manufacturing facilities in China and Malaysia needed a tailor made program that boost sales and increase motivation of their sales team. Their objectives are to equip their sales team with customer-oriented and service focused knowledge and tools and realigned their efforts to gain competitive advantage over their competitors in the market. The client has a strategic network of sales and marketing offices and representation offices in Malaysia and Australia.

The following results were achieved after a consultative approach with their Sales and Human Resources Leadership Team after which on site training workshop was conducted for their teams.

Explore Motivation Factors: A self assessment exercise was designed to understand the motivation hotspots of themselves, their team members and customers and ways to use this knowledge to achieve win-win situations with customers and to serve them better.

Understanding Change Environment & Guest Perception: Participants were organized into cluster units and thought provoking questionnaires developed by consultant was distributed. We generated healthy, honest and productive discussions and feedback to define the past and present customer and understand future customers’ expectations and perceptions.

Wining Customer’s Loyalty: Is pricing the reason why companies lose customers? Our consultant shared some insights on consumer and industrial market segmentation variables (geographic, demographic, psychographic, location, company type and behavioral characteristics) and encouraged a guest satisfaction/loyalty measurement system.

Developing Partnership Relationships: To arrest declining market share to competitors, touch and go selling has to elevate to the dimension of partnership relationships. A brainstorming session was organized and led by senior team leaders to kick start the topic. We recommended innovative ways to developing partnership relationships including:

  • Recognizing your most valuable customers with special deals, unique acknowledgement, prestige club status, other benefits that are exclusive for them to enjoy.
  • Loyalty Award Programs: freebies for volume purchase, frequent buyers program, bonus awards or incentives for repeat business, etc.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction: Delivery what you promise, when you promise. Exceed expectations. Quality keeps customers coming back.
  • Build Learning Relationships: Collaborate with customers to tailor your service delivery ‘just the way they want it’.

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