Case Study – Professional Services

Connecting for Success!

A flagship property of a chain of oriental style spas with an expansion plan targeted throughout East Malaysia needed management services to represent the owner’s management and financial interests from start up construction to completion of the business venture.

The project engagement covered duration of 6 months and we wish to share some of the areas we have helped the client achieved:

Marketing and Public Relations: By restructuring the organization chart to simplify the structure, combined roles and positions, select and recruit talents that are trainable, enthusiastic and could effectively promote the spa’s services and products to target markets.

Concept Development: In consideration that the spa will be offering traditional Chinese massage and health treatments, the design concept was based on the ‘five elements’ of nature or the ‘WUXING’ to give a distinct character to the center. We capitalized on the natural lighting from the large glass windows to create a garden in the general guest area which was an exciting feature of the concept.

Resource and Procurement of Supplies: Our services included direct purchasing from overseas vendors in Thailand and China and ensured that features and benefits matched the concept at the same time provide quality and pleasant experiences for guests.

Human Resources Policies & Procedures: By designing policies and procedures to inculcate and integrate the culture, vision and mission of the spa to a multi-cultural staffing with language differences was a challenge but one that we managed to overcome nevertheless.

Records and Systems: To ensure spa administration and operation is well planned and sustainable with minimum discrepancies, undesirable and costly consequences, we designed the proper forms, templates and guides for their management team.

Re-defining the Spa Experience: We formulated service concepts and standards, developed and conducted orientation and customer services training that distinguished its operations from competitors.

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