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An opportunity not to be missed.  The Certified Human Resources Specialist is an international programs so that you could get up-skilled and certified by experienced and qualified international trainers at only 50% of the training fee which is deductible from the HRDF levy.  

Under the The Industry Certification Scheme (INDCERT) scheme, the program  is a strategic initiative by Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) Malaysia with the objective to enable Malaysian employees to increase their skills by participating in high value-added professional certification that would enhance their career development and professional worth.

Course Outline Duration Date
Certificate in Human Resources Specialist for Workforce IR 4.0 5 Days

1 Day

16 Mar– 20 Mar 2020

23 Mar 2020 (Certification Exam)

*All programmes are eligible for Certificate of Attendance.

The BENEFITS for you and your Human Resources Department to become certified Human Resources Specialist are:

  1. The certification is an international certificate by Chamber of Commerce & Industry Germany with expert matter trainers specially arranged to train in Sarawak.
  2. The technical and vocational education system and method of training in Germany is renowned for its quality assurance of relevance to work place.
  3. The curriculum will make the participants more competent in handling the management of skilled workers for the challenges of the coming industrial revolution.


Facilitators in finding suitable and competent worker
Supervisors involved in Coaching & Counselling of employees
Anyone who handles Career orientation
Involvement in Increasing employability
Occupation Placement services personnel
Workers and Advisors of Employment Centers

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