The Road Map For Success

As we usher in the turn of the year, we will benefit from having a road map for success to guide and direct our thoughts and actions.  Think long term, plan out your actions in advance and draw a road map showing you where you are now to where you want to be so that you can get the most possible out of every area of your life.

Approaching the remaining days to the end of the year, time has hoodwinked us as once again it has flown by too quickly and you may wish that time would stop for us or allow us to catch up with it but as the wise men said time waits for no man.

December is the month of ‘reality call’ as we reviewed the goals and objectives we made for our career, health and relationships and resolved to make new resolutions for an even more successful year ahead.

Success is not an accident as it is a series of specific steps that we have taken that have brought us to where we are at the moment.   I believe that we are who we are and where we are from the choices and decisions over the months and years which determined the circumstances of our life at the moment.

1  Desire

Desire is the starting point of all achievements and it is the secret element in those who manifest something and those who do not.   It is important to be clear on what it is that you really want for yourself because the desire that you really want with all your heart will manifest more quickly.  When your desire is strong, you will find that positive thoughts and visualisation come easily and you begin to effortlessly develop qualities such as courage, faith, willpower and persistence that will help you to achieve what you want.

2  Practical dreams

The most profound dreams are the dreams that are an expression of your life’s purpose.  Dreams are simply things that we want and we have to have dreams to have the dreams come true.   We may make up as many dreams and whatever dreams we want, at the same time, we need to accept there is often a lag time between making up our dreams and making them happen.   As we dream, we need to develop tolerance and an open mind to arrange new concepts, ideas or plans into new patterns that will help us to make our dreams come true.

3  Set Goals

Develop a habit or regular goal setting and writing your goals on paper.  Writing them down on paper helps you to clarify your thoughts and enable your goals to take shape and become more definite.   Unless you document your goals they will be forgotten and left undone.  Review your goals on a daily basis and remain flexible about the goal setting process.  Re-evaluate your goals regularly and keep an open mind to feedback and self corrections.

4  Persistence

As one Spanish proverb says ‘a single stroke of an axe wouldn’t bring down an oak but many will’. Be prepared to bump into situations and people that may cause you to believe it can’t be done but history of successful and great men showed that progress has always come from those who said it could be done.   If something comes up that makes you feel it is impossible to achieve your goals, look for a back-up plan and if something really doesn’t work, be prepared to change it.  Although we should follow our plan we should not set it in stone.   Persistence is also the understanding that the people who accomplish what they want do so not because they never run into problems, but because they believe there is a solution for every one.

5  Execute

Your dreams, hopes and goals will be building castles in the air unless you work out a plan to execute them and then work hard on executing the plan.  The most common pitfall why people fail is because they fail to follow through on implementing their plan.  When things come up, they become too busy to carry out the plan and things fall through the cracks and dreams vaporize into the thin air.  If the first plan which you adopt does not work out successfully, replace it with a new plan and if this new plan fails to work, replace it with still another until you find a plan which does work.

6  Monitor your progress

Sir Winston Churchill has this advice ‘However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results’.   You need to adopt a method to monitor your progress at regular intervals and ensure that tasks are getting done when they are supposed to and that you are making progress towards reaching your goals.   If we don’t stop regularly to check the road map and see where we are going, we may fall off the track on the road to success.

7  Celebrate small successes

Human beings are creatures of emotions and according to Napoleon Hill the emotion of enthusiasm is one of the seven major positive emotions that we need to continuously develop in our consciousness.  Small successes and completions of short term actions and goals should be acknowledged and celebrated to generate satisfaction and excitement on your road map to success.  Do not wait until you have reached your goals to celebrate each milestone.


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