The world of work and business is profoundly affected by the global Covid-19 pandemic including Malaysia.  The recent surges in cases and new outbreaks are indicators that businesses need to take further actions to mitigate risks and minimize infection while maintaining social and economic activities.

Governments and businesses should further their efforts to prevent the spread of infection affecting vulnerable communities and essential services by implementing infection prevention and control measures and strengthening health and safety assurance.

ETHOS PROTEK harnesses science-based processes and protocols to help ensure the health and safety of facilities, from existing buildings to new construction projects, benefiting business owners, employees and customers now and into the future.

ETHOS PROTEK is committed to educate, train and guide businesses, federal, state and local government departments and agencies to stop the infection.  Together, let us stop the pandemic from worsening and threatening our public health, creating economic and social disruptions to  the long-term livelihoods and wellbeing of millions of Malaysians.  PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.

Contact us now for an in-depth of ETHOS PROTEK Covid-19 Risk Management & Environmental Testing.  ETHOS PROTEK is the  ‘the zero case COVID-19 green card’ to give the health, safety and well being assurance for people and businesses.


Let us meet up to discuss the various health, safety & and well-being assurance, inspection, training and certifications available.  Programs and services are affordably packaged meeting various business types of all industries.