Authentic Service

Authentic ServicesIt’s about Real People delivering Real Service! Reach out and touch someone! Keep your promise to your customers with Authentic Service!

The customer perceives service in his or her own terms. Customers only pay for what is of use to them and give them value. And that value is what constitutes quality.

Authentic Service workshops are developed for organizations seeking to develop greater consciousness in the delivery of quality service experience and building lasting relationship with their customers. The program is designed for organizations which are committed to making continuous improvements to their people, processes and products and may involve the developing of or redefining the organization’s service mission and statements.

Authentic Service is unique and deliberately deviates from traditional customer service programs as it deploys a two-pronged approach of advisory consultancy services where the consultant engage full participation and collaboration with the client throughout the development process and from this process develop a motivational and tailored made customer service training program for their employees.

Authentic Service aims to instill a stronger service culture and sets the foundation for an even greater conscious organization that is committed to listening and understanding customers’ needs and expectations. The program is geared to offer the tools and practical ideas to enable management and employees successfully manage the customer experience to their satisfaction.

Management and employees will become self-motivated and empowered in carrying out their roles and responsibilities and acquire useful knowledge and skills that they could apply to raise their standards of performance at work.

Organizations which practice the philosophy and beliefs of Authentic Service will prevent a ‘blame’ and ‘fire fighting’ culture but will build a transparent, proactive and productive team of people who align their personal and professional goals to benefit the organization they serve.

Topics covered include:

  • Definition of Authentic Service
  • Develop Uniquely Caring Statements
  • Understanding Customers’ Needs & Expectations
  • Develop Service & Relationship Strategies
  • Empowering for Results
  • Motivating Service Champions
  • High Impact Communication

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